Sensitive – A puzzle map for Minecraft (made from the original Sensitive by Oliver Kirwa).

The First Map I created! Sensitive is a top-down puzzle game originally made for the Commodore 64 by Oliver Kirwa. I have ported the first 18 levels into Minecraft for your enjoyment!

ZIP download:
Version 1.1 – Levels 1 – 30

Sensitive – By JSano19 v1.1 (zip) Levels 1 – 30

Sensitive for Minecraft v1.02 – By JSano19 (zip format)

Changelog –

2/15/15 – 1.1 – Added levels 19-30 making a total of levels 1-30
Completely Changed the Way Railroad Blocks Interact (Not visible to player, done for better coding)
Changed the way the Map works (Should lessen chance of map not appearing in inventory)

12/27/14 – 1.02 – Some levels being blank randomly (outside of loaded chunks) – Fixed
12/26/14 – 1.01 – Level 9 – Gold Block should have been emerald block – Fixed

(Old Version – Levels 1 – 18)

The object of this game is the clear out all of the Gold and Emerald blocks and make your way to the Diamond blocks (the exit).

This game can get very tricky, be prepared.

How to Play:

1. Select a level.
2. Enjoy!

Things to Note:

1. This game was originally created without the ability to jump or walk diagonally. If you want to keep this as close to the original as possible, refrain from doing these things.

2. If things are not working properly, use the “/kill” command to reset the command blocks. Note, this WILL NOT hinder your progress on the puzzles.

3. Playing in F5 is recommended as this was originally a top down puzzle game, so this will get you as close to the original experience as possible.

Feel free to create and post videos of this map!

Intended for 1 player.

This map is not intended for multiplayer, so keep in mind, if you do play this in a multiplayer environment, I cannot guarantee everything will function properly.

Thanks for your support!